Consultation — Setup & Management Services in Yamba, NSW
Curtis Strata manage many strata and community title schemes across different areas. We can assist clients throughout the North Coast of NSW with their strata and community title management. Our key focus is building partnerships and offering guidance on all strata and community title matters. We can also provide conflict resolution and mediation services where the need arises.
Management of Strata, Neighbourhood and Community Title Complexes
At Curtis Strata, we offer pro-active management services to strata, neighbourhood and community title complexes. We can reduce the hassle and stress that can be associated with managing a strata, Neighbourhood and Community Title Complex. By appointing Curtis Strata as your licensed manager, we ensure compliance with all applicable NSW legislation and protection of your assets.
Setup of Strata, Neighbourhood and Community Title Complexes
Curtis Strata can act on behalf of the developer to establish strata, community and neighbourhood title complexes to ensure correct registration and setup of the scheme. The team at Curtis Strata can consult with our clients, their legal support and surveyors to prepare budgets and by-laws and arrange insurance quotations for the property. Once established, we can also assist with all associated administrative tasks.
Construction site — Setup & Management Services in Yamba, NSW
Curtis Strata have extensive experience in the management of residential strata and community titles. We can consult and provide management for properties throughout the North Coast of NSW, including duplexes and townhouses through to villas and high-rise properties. Our staff have extensive industry knowledge and are proactive when it comes to the management of common property. To arrange a consultation with our managers, please phone us today.
The management of commercial strata titles varies considerably from residential management services. At Curtis Strata, we recognise this difference and have the skills to both take over existing commercial management or to be instrumental in the successful setup of a commercial strata title. Our team manage all stages of commercial scheme setup, including consulting with owners, investors and developers. We have the legislation knowledge to ensure effective management and compliance of government regulations. For more information on our commercial strata and community title management services, please contact us today.
Curtis Strata are leaders in industrial strata and community title management. We ensure developers and property owners have easy access to advice or resources, as well as offering a cost-effective management service. We offer personalised service for all industrial clients, delivering pro-active management and administrative services that protects their significant investment. If you are looking for a reputable industrial strata or community title manager in the NSW North Coast region, arrange a consultation with Curtis Strata.
Computer — Setup & Management Services in Yamba, NSW
Strata Title Retirement Villages
The benefits of working with an experienced management company such as Curtis Strata are also applicable for strata title retirement villages. We are experts in retirement village properties and offer a complete package when it comes to personalised management solutions. Our managers can provide advice and support relating to relevant legislation, bylaws and budgeting for strata title retirement villages.
Mixed Developments
Curtis Strata's customised management solutions are particularly suited to North Coast NSW mixed development strata clients. We assist with all financial, administrative, insurance, maintenance, legislative, by-law and government compliance matters. Our team's extensive industry experience ensures the best results for our clients at a cost-effective rate. For more information on our mixed development services, please don't hesitate to contact our office.
Developer Consultants
In addition to working with established properties, Curtis Strata also act as developer consultants in the North Coast of NSW. Our services include comprehensive budget preparation, bookkeeping and insurance planning, certificate preparation under sections 184 and 22 and prepare quotations for on-going services such as cleaning and government compliance matters.
Insurance — Setup & Management Services in Yamba, NSW
Insurance Agents
The Strata Schemes Management Act and Community Land Management Act contain a number of provisions relating to property insurance. It is important for owners to obtain the relevant insurance to protect their assets, which includes public liability insurance, policies relating to building damage and voluntary workers' insurance. The amount required will depend on the property type and it may be necessary to obtain a number of insurance quotes. At Curtis Strata, we can obtain relevant quotes for you and provide recommendations based on our findings.
In addition to our management services, Curtis Strata can also provide secretarial services for strata clients. This may include setting agendas and attending meetings, delivering minutes at the completion of the meeting, handling of financial statements, bank accounts or trust funds and a number of other duties. Curtis Strata can include our secretarial service with our general management packages.
Administration Services
Curtis Strata offer complete administration services for our strata and community title clients. We have invested in industry recognised programs that allow us to effectively manage and streamline strata and community title complex operations. We accept payments through the StrataPay payment system (whereby payments can be made online, over the phone, by mail or at any Australia Post outlet). Curtis Strata holds all owners and corporations funds in individual trust accounts.